Sunday, March 18, 2007

Baby Brayden

This is an altered paint can I made for a friend's new baby boy...filled with tiny clothes...very fun to make!!!


1 gallon paint can/lid

deja view papers "Little One"

Heidi Swapp flower/red bling

Doodlebug blue sparkly flowers

letters cut with red cardstock/cricut

miscellaneous ribbon

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brenden's 5th Birthday Party!!

We had his party at Sports of all Sorts with family and friends. We played basketball, arcarde games and the kids loved the tube playground. The kids went non-stop. Alysa went to sleep in the early evening after the party and slept through the nite. Brenden had a wonderful time and wants to have his next party at the same place. Grandma Merkel made the Power Ranger cake. Here are some fun pics of the event.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Personalized "Catalog Card"

This is a fun creation that I learned at CI today. What a fun way to add a cute card to your scrapping, card or blog designing. Create your own card here: . How cool is this!!!!!!! OK, I had to make one for the mac daddy..LOL!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Altered Purse Photo Book

I used red, cream & black Foofala papers and ribbons; cardstock, cricut, Heidi Swapp stamp, MM flower and jewels, Art Warehouse stamps, BE purse and scrapbook.

Bathtub Fun!!

Brenden and Alysa have the most fun taking a bubble bath. Alysa brought Polly pocket and a dinosaur into the tub tonight. Brenden brought in some s--t---r--e--t--c---h--y lizards. Alysa tries to pour water on Brenden's head and back with a cup....he says "Alysa..stop!" SHE CONTINUES AS IF SHE NEVER HEARD HIM> THEN GIGGLES. Eventually, Brenden will join in and we are all getting much fun to hear them laugh. Tomorrow will be having Brenden's Birthday party at Sports of All Sports.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Brenden's Birthday Party at School!!

Today I worked a half day. After work, I went the kid's school and took cupcakes, juice and giftbags for Brenden's birthday!! His class is 4-5 year olds. Alysa got to come in for the party.
All the girls were so eager to help pass the goodies out. Brenden seemed a little embarassed when we all sang happy birthday....his teacher allows them to stand on their chair with her hugging him during the song. Very adorable.
The favorite thing was the sucker really liked those.
Brenden was also excited that I was able to get there earlier than then we went home after the party. Alysa pretty much stuck by my side, carrying her treat bag.
I can't believe The B Man in five!!!