Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grandma & Pancakes!!

Today was one of those days that we needed to surprise visit Grandma! We visited her after work/school and went to Perkins for the infamous "Teddy Bear" Pancakes. Brenden is eating like a horse the past couple of days...I guess to make up for last week when he was sick!! Alysa is talking so much lately and winning the hearts of everyone!!
Tomorrow, I am going to take cupcakes to the school to celebrate Brenden's birthday. He told me earlier this week "mom, when are we taking cupcakes? You know I already told some of my friends that we were gonna have cupcakes for my birthday". Yes, he is a little charmer. He gets excited beyond belief for his birthday celebrations.
This Saturday we are going to have his party with family and a few friends. Going to a sports center and playing basketball and games for the afternoon. Lots of pictures to take this week. I will post new pics as available!!