Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alysa's Birthday Cake!! Our April Fool's Girl!!

Alysa wanted a My Little Pony birthday cake. Grandma Merkel made her special cake complete with ponies and glitter. Alysa kept asking "for me?" when we had her open all her presents. She really loved her talking doll and of course the Dora pick-up truck and pony stable. She and Brenden played all day with her new toys!! What a great day!!!

Alysa's 3rd Birthday--Fun at Build a Bear!

We took Alysa and Brenden to Build a Bear for Alysa's Birthday! They had so much fun picking out an animal and the clothes! Alysa chose a pink kitty with a pink sequin dress, collar and rhinestone sandals. Yes, she is our little sweet your are!!! Brenden chose a teddy bear dressed in Cleveland Cavaliers uniform with high tops. They have so much fun together!! They really liked using the computer there to make a birth certificate and name their new friends.
What fun it is to be three!!